Why do I need a COACH?

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

WORK-A-HOLICYou are individuals that are wanting (and needing) to find a better balance in your life. You're likely a work-a-holic! Someone caught up in the fast-past chaos, who has over-committed themselves to everything except the things that your soul may be needing. Someone who doesn't know how or needs support and accountability in figuring out how to juggle and prioritize those things most important to you.

FALLEN-OFF-THE-WAGON: You have likely fallen-off-the-wagon a time or two from your "diet," workouts, and envisioned healthy lifestyle. Don't worry, you aren't alone there. You are resilient and it's ok to seek a mentor to guide you back to a healthy lifestyle based on your "balanced life" priorties.

OVERWHELMED: You may also be overwhelmed! Today, there is just so much information out there between Facebook, Instagram, mainstream news, that it's overwhelming to know where and how to start accomplishing your goals. It can be paralyzing! Again, you are not alone. We've all been there. Whether you are facing a health concern, such as an autoimmune disease, want to improve your over all health and wellness, need to prepare for a job interview or make life/career transitions, build better habits or better relationships, or focus on your sports performnce, it can ALL be overwhelming.  Take a breath, grab a cup of coffee, and let's chat.

You're here... And I'm here for you... so let's get to work!

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