Ms. Thyroid, I see YOU...

Ms. Thyroid, if I may have a moment of your time. I have known about your stress for a while, but I did not understand the role you play in my life and how your happiness ultimately effects my happiness. I had a feeling that you were feeling a little down and sought medical attention, however, all basic tests showed that you were just fine. I'm very grateful that I kept my eye on the signs and symptoms of your distress. For so many years, I blamed myself for not being enough --healthy enough, focused enough, working out enough. The reality was, you were stressed, and my stress did not help matters. Now that we have discovered that you are sick, Papillary Thyroid Cancer, there is a sense of empowerment in knowing that I wasn't crazy in knowing your distress. The next steps, in parallel of treating your cancer, is finding forgiveness for myself for the years of blame, shame, and self-depreviation.

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