Adios Pride, Hello Asking-for-Help, Happy to See You Again, Progress

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

We’ll just call this a purgatory period on trying to figure out what in the world to do with myself next. After getting back from Costa Rica, I didn’t really take stock of what I needed to be doing next. My body was tired and I was still trying to process the trip and having to dive back into work. Out of habit, I picked up the same ole gym routine that I have been doing – excuse me… half-ass doing. Nutrition-wise, I really didn’t pay much attention to it – it wasn’t bad – it just wasn’t a major focus.

In March 2016, I decided to step away from Eat to Perform – I was going no where near my goals, actually getting further and further away from them. Weight and size was going up. Below are pics from Dec 2015 (left and middle) and Jan 2016 (right).

Note that I didn’t really know what was next, only that I needed to change. In late March, I reached out to an acquaintance that was off-and-on in the peripheral of my Facebook, who was also a personal trainer/coach. Priding myself in being a good coach and trainer to others, it was hard to swallow needing to get my own coach. I knew I needed help and I knew I was currently paralyzed between juggling the emotional and physical side of nutrition, workouts, and my professional life (let’s note that my social life was just o-k). My new coach had been where I was in some form and fashion and already knew my stubborn side. So, we decided that I would back off of controlling everything and let him take the lead for a while.

Ok, I’m a bit of a data junky and I have a calendar going back to October 2014 that maps out every workout that I’ve done.  One of the things my coach and I noticed was a heavy trend involving my kayaking. The more and more I kayaked, the less I was hitting the gym, the less diversified the workouts were. I had completely plateaued – or rather, was teetering in the opporsite direction and my body was tired. I had been pushing hard and none stop since May-ish 2015 through Jan 2016, not to mention the high amount of stress I was under at work. I was tapped out. In my first meeting with my coach, he not-so-gently told me that I looked tired. GREAT!

Starting in April, my coach and I worked out a plan that would have me completely back off kayaking for a ful month to give my body time to recover. Note that I agreed that this was a good idea, but in the first two weeks, I was struggling from kayak-withdrawals. I realized that it fed my soul and filled that space between work and sleep. I was still doing my Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) classes though I was not allowed to row or do any back exercises.  At the same time, Core Power Yoga just opened up two blocks away from work.  Between 1-2 OTF classes and 1-2 hot yoga classes and 1-2 cardio workouts per week, my body was definitely getting a change. It was in Weeks 2 and 3 when the anxiety kicked in.  I didn’t know what to do with all of the free time that I had now (because workouts were now mainly in the morning or during lunch time) and everything inside of me was fighting the desire to go kayaking. It was a serious struggle that stressed me out.  Let me just say that my coworkers found this all mighty amusing.

May’s training was similar but a little bit more cardio and a little kayaking was added back. We paused my June training, as I’m had to trael internationally for work for the majority of the month. To keep myself on track, I set the goal of 10 workouts and accomplished it! I’m pretty darn close!!! It felt great that by June, I was beginning to see some progress since those January pics. That, of spandex is really kind to me! The pictures below were taken mid-June while I was in the Philippines. Definitely feeling like I had leaned out some… But there’s just so much further to go!

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