3 Signs that Quarantine Life has shown me that I NEED A COACH!

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Most of us have been living the quarantine life: juggling work, kids, pets, a fridge that is just feet away, late night Netflix binging, and less than our best hygiene (yes, I'm calling everyone out!). As each state and region is phasing open, we'll be able to get out and strech out wings. I've been hearing a lot of excitement from everyone about gyms and pools reopening, but I'm also hearing a lot of anxiety about it all. As we try to face our new or transitioning norm, here are three signs that you would benefit from the help of an integrative health coach:

You are emerging from an extremely stressful period and emotional eating happened!

You are human and humans look towards food for comfort. Warm milk soothed us as babies and well, Mac-N-Cheese may have soothed us over the past 2-3 months! Emotional eating is the practice of eating in response to our feelings or emotions rather than from physical hunger or dietary need. It can also take the form of eating more than usual or craving specific comfort foods. It is normal and we all have experienced it. The emotions that may trigger emotional eating are stress, anxiety, depressions, and sheer bordeom. Just like any other regular activity, emotional eating, can easily become a habit.

An integratiave health coach can help you developed strategies to tackle and break free of the cycle through supporting trigger identification, better understanding of those triggers and how to better manage them. With your coach, you will have support in developing mindful eating practices, accountability, and encouragement through the transition to better habits.

Quaratine life has equated to weight gain or loss, as well poor sleep!

Quarantine life has come with some changes and challenges: changes with stress levels, changes to routines, change to what you were/are juggling, changes to access to grocery stores and gyms, and changes in motivation and sleep patterns, as well as changes to the proximity of your refrigerator and the Uber Eats margarita's that you might have been ording. All of these are tightly inter-related in how they impact your physical health. Weight gain, weight loss, nutrition chaos, and sleep issues are all signs and symptoms trying to adjust to all of these changes and stressors.

By partnering with an integrative health coach, you will be able to hone in on each one of these changes to minimze its impact on your overall health. This may include discovering ways to better manage your stress, prioritize the items you are juggling, hitting the reset button to your nutritional goals, and catching more ZZzzzs. With your coach, you will be given the tools to help navigate these changes, and reverse some of the unwanted implications of comfort food and gym closures... and those darn margaritas on-demand!

You want to emerge from the Quarantine Cave stronger than ever

We aren't out of the various quarantine phases yet, and there is a strong probablity that we'll be right back to a quarantine life when the next wave of Covid-19 strikes. Let's also note that everyone has their own risk tolerance levels and these likely will not align with local and regional guidance. AND THAT IS OK! So the thing is, you still have goals, you still have things that you want to accomplish whether physically, emotionally, professionally, etc.

Getting rid of the Quarantine 15, regaining the loss of muscle mass, rebuilding motivation,

the 5K race you have set as a quarantine freedom run, the new job that you

want to prepare for, the establishing financial stability, building stronger relationships

By working with an integrative health coach, together you will layout the blueprint for accomplishing your goals, navigating towards your success, all the while respecting your risk tolerance and leveraging it to your benefit.

If you can relate to this, please take advantage of exploring how Waters Edge Wellness can support you and your goals. Book your free Discovery Session now with Meredith.

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