Leaky Gut

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Better Health Awaits - The Ins and Outs of Leaky Gut Syndrome

Learning about how your gut works will give you a better understanding of how the entire gastrointestinal tract functions and why it plays such an essential role in health. Leaky gut, for example, is a difficult condition to diagnose as the symptoms are common to many other illnesses. With the help of modern understanding of preventative and functional health, identifying leaky gut is simplified. By determining the underlying cause of the condition, we can address the root cause of the problem.

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The Importance of Stretching

Starts Sept 3rd, 2020

Maximize Health & Mobility with Movement and Body Awareness

Most of us perform our best with regular inspiration and motivation when it comes to starting something new - so that’s what I’m here to offer!

We know that stretching is useful for improving flexibility. However, stretching is too often overlooked as a valuable tool for improving circulation, mobility, or overall health and wellness.

No matter your current physical ability, stretching can improve your strength training, range of motion, and even help preserve your youth!

When your goal is to optimize performance, it's crucial to understand the difference between pre- and post-workout techniques. From complex yoga postures to gentle and restorative approaches, there are stretches to suit any body type, mobility level, and fitness goals.

My email series will clearly and concisely breakdown different types of stretching and when each one should be used. Opt-in today to learn how to optimize this resource and use it to make your workouts even more effective!



The Power of Manifestation

Starts Oct 1, 2020

Your Thoughts And Energy Create Your Reality

Of course, this is easier said than done! But luckily there are strategies and exercises that can help you organize your thoughts in a way that can get you a little closer to the life you want to live. During this email series, my goal is to help bridge the gap between the lofty and sometimes intimidating concepts of the “law of attraction” and small things you can do every day to improve your life.

If you’re not familiar with the idea of manifestation and the law of attraction, it can be a lot to wrap your mind around. But once you start studying the concepts, you’ll realize how much power you actually have over the reality you live in, which is certainly a type of magic on its own. 

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