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May 3rd - Jul 3rd, 2021

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Personal Health


The people of our world aren’t as healthy as we should be, and the “solutions” to our health issues and ailments usually come in a prescription bottle or another symptom-covering temporary treatment. Break the mold
and learn how to create a healthy mind, body, and spirit with the help of an Integrative Health Coach — you won’t want to miss out on this.

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June 1st - Aug 3rd, 2021

Email Series

+ Coaching Sessions

The Sugar Detox & 

Coaching Series

As the world begins to emerge from its covid isolation, we may also be emerging with some bad habits, poor nutrition, lack of motivation, etc. The list of impacts that covid has had on our lives is LONG. You are not alone. So to get back on track, let's start with the most important step... cutting out SUGAR.  

During the past pandemic year, many of us turned to this "feel-good" sweetness to survive and  little did we know (or rather, more that we ignored) this sugar addiction was not only adding to our hips but also impacting and camouflaging other health issues. 

Through this Sugar Detox Email Series, I will provide immediately implementable techniques for reducing sugar from your diet. My goal during this experience is to help guide you through the process of sugar detox. I’ll explain what you can expect, how to handle sugar cravings and withdrawals, and share the benefits to your health of reducing your sugar intake. 

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In-Person & 

Virtual Group Coaching


Group Coaching

Are you looking to connect with others who are on a similar journey as you? Are you looking for a support "team" as well as a coach? If so, throughout the year I host 1, 3, and 6 month group coaching sessions. 

Upcoming Group Coaching cohorts include: 

  • Elimination Diet Group (includes AIP, FODMAP, Gut Health Protocols, Whole 30)

  • Restart & Reimagine (includes tackling nutrition, fitness, and life goals)

Group coaching session are expected to be both in-person (outdoors) and virtual. 

Please contact Meredith for more information! 


starting at $50/month