Meet Meredith

Certified Integrative Health, Wellness, & Balanced Living Coach & Strategist 


For over 15 years, I have helped others live their most vibrant lives - whether through transforming their health, fitness, and nutrition - or - by guiding them through career and life transitions. I have worked with the US Military in Iraq, expats from around the world, Olympic athletes and coaches, and aspiring high-achievers. 

I currently live in the Washington, DC Metro area. My academic background has two tracks: (1) international development and environmental policy and (2) integrative health and wellness. I have made a successful career of more than 14 years working in both fields.  My coaching approach brings together the best of both worlds! 

Additionally, I have lived with autoimmune disease for over ten years to include a blood disorder, Antiphospholipid Antibodies Syndrome (APS), Hashimoto's, and Thyroid Cancer. As of 2020, I am a certified Autoimmune Paleo/Protocol (AIP) Coach, specializing in autoimmune, thyroid-focused, and pre-diabetes nutrition and lifestyle management.


My mission is to help you navigate life and career transitions while optimizing your health and mindset, empowering you to create vibrant and balanced lives through the channels of mindfulness, movement, and intentional nutrition. 

My Approach

Why "Waters Edge"?

As Waters Edge has evolved over the years, the premise and promise of the treasures found at the waters edge and beyond has remained the same.


In our lives, we have all come up to the waters edge. It can be a place of peace, a place of refuge, a place of rest or a place of transformation. The waters that course through your life, have shaped you just as they have shaped the land. It is a place where one thing begins and other ends. At the same time, it is neither the beginning nor the end. You will never step in to the same water no matter how many times you come to the waters edge.


It is at this place, this transformative space, in which I provide a hand of steadiness as your test the waters, as you transition from where and who you are today to where and who you can and want to be tomorrow! Together, at this place, we will map the journey ahead and building your confidence and toolbox to successfully navigate the waters in front of you.


At Waters Edge, I offer both 1-on-1 coaching and group coaching. Schedule a call today and let’s get you on the water!

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